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Nanoscaled Reference Materials
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Category: Critical dimensions


Description Certified value (nm) RM name RM type RM no.
NanoCD Standards (NCD)
25, 45, 70, 110
25 NanoCD Standards (NCD) RM 36 
Surface Topography Standards (STS)
Gratings with near perfect periodicity combination of step height and pitch
18 NanoLattice (TM) (NLSM) 100 nm RM 38
NanoLattice Pitch Standard (NLSM)
Lateral distance
100 NanoLattice Pitch Standard RM  37
Nanoscale AFM-CD Standard
Line width; 50, 100, 150, ...
50 Nanoscale AFM-CD Standard RM 35
Surface Topography References (STR)
Combination of step height and pitch to enable three-dimensional calibration of optical interferometric microscopes and AFMs
18 Surface Topography References RM 39





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